In search of excellence

European Leader in Breeding and Managing Red Leg Partridges

Since 1978…

Thanks to the combination of nutrition and lastest genetic innovation, Perdices Altube is proud to produce extremely high quality partridges. Our partridges express wild behaviour and instincts after release making it a unique experience to hunt them. There is no wonder why 90% of hunters choose our partridges, because professionals demand the best.

Perdices Altube took the first step more than thirty years ago, with an ambitious goal: to breed red partridges maintaining the genetic line and the same behaviour as wild birds.

There has been a huge amount of effort as well as the use of many resources over the last 30 years in order to improve our partridges and the essential products for their maintenance and resettlement. Fortunately, our effort has been recognised by the most important hunting organisations, associations and shoot owners, by the confidence they show year after year.

Nowadays, without doubt we are the European leaders in red leg partridge rearing and management. Our partridges are sold starting in July in Spain, England, Italy, Ireland and France.